St. Mary's Church


Tuesday 1st Psalm 9 Joshua 7. 16-end Justin, Martyr, c.165Vaccine roll out.
Wednesday 2nd 11 Joshua 8. 1-29 Local councillors.Kevin Maton, Pat Seaman, Ed Ruane.
Thursday 3rd 116. 10-end John 6. 51-58 Day of Thanksgiving for the Institution of Holy Communion (Corpus Christi) Diocesan staff.
Friday 4th 22 Joshua 9. 3-26 Petroc, abbot, 6th centArchdeacons Sue and Barry.
Saturday 5th 24 Joshua 10. 1-15 Boniface (Wynfrith), bishop, martyr, 754Refugees and Asylum seekers.
Sunday 6th 138 Mark 3. 20-end 1st Sunday after TrinityCoventry East Deanery Synod.Buff Forbes Stone, Area Dean.
Monday 7th 28 Joshua 14 Schools returning after half term.
Tuesday 8th 33 Joshua 21. 43—22.8 Thomas Ken, bishop, nonjuror, hymn writer, 1711Church musicians especially choir members.
Wednesday 9th 119. 33-56 Joshua 22. 9-end Columba, abbot, missionary, 597Ephrem, deacon, hymn writer, teacher of the faith, 373teachers and lecturers.
Thursday10th 40 Joshua 23 UHCW:Professor Andy Hardy,CEO
Friday 11th 112 John 15. 12-17 Barnabas the ApostleFriend and neighbours.
Saturday 12th 46 Joshua 24. 29-end Local GP’s.
Sunday 13th 20 Mark 4. 26-34 2nd Sunday after Trinity Food Banks.
Monday 14th 47 Judges 2 Richard Baxter, puritan divine, 1691Chaplains.
Tuesday 15th 50 Judges 4. 1-23 Evelyn Underhill, spiritual writer, 1941 Spiritual Directors.
Wednesday 16th 59 Judges 5 Richard, bishop, 1253Joseph Butler, bishop, philosopher, 1752Christopher and John, bishops.
Thursday 17th 62 Judges 6. 1-24 Samuel and Henrietta Barnett, social reformer, 1913 and 1936Social workers.
Friday 18th 38 Judges 6. 25-end Bernard Mizeki, martyr, 1896Local police officers and PCSO’s.
Saturday 19th 66 Judges 7 Sundar Singh, sadhu (holy man), evangelist, teacher of the faith, 1929Council officers.
Sunday 20th 133 Mark 4. 35-41 3rd Sunday after TrinitySt Mary’s Finances.
Monday 21st 72 Judges 8. 22-end Simon Foster, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.
Tuesday 22nd 74 Judges 9. 1-21 Alban, first martyr of Britain, c.250St Alban’s, Stoke Heath, Zoe and Barney Pimentel.
Wednesday 23rd 119. 81-104 Judges 9. 22-end Etheldreda, abbess, c.678Barbara and John, Churchwardens.
Thursday 24th 85. 7-end Luke 1. 57-66, 80 Birth of John the BaptistStaff at Bishop’s House and Warwick House.
Friday 25th 69 Judges 11. 29-end Inspire Education Trust, Lois Whitehouse, CEO.
Saturday 26th 84 Judges 12. 1-7 Coventry Cathedral.John Witcombe, Dean.
Sunday 27th 130 Mark 5. 21-end 4th Sunday after TrinityPCC members at St Mary’s.
Monday 28th 85 Judges 13. 1-24 Irenaeus, bishop, teacher of the faith, c.200Malcolm and Frances.
Tuesday 29th 125 Matthew 16. 13-19 Peter and Paul, Apostles St Peter’s, Hillfields in interregnum.
Wednesday 30th 91 Judges 15. 1—16.3 Those preparing for ordination at the weekend.