St. Mary's Church

St Mary's prayer Diary - August

Saturday 1st\ Psalm 24 Ezekiel 24. 15-end Those on holiday.
Sunday 2nd 17. 1-7, 16 Matthew 14. 13-21 8th Sunday after Trinity St Mary’s finances.
Monday 3rd 28 Ezekiel 28. 1-19 Bishops Christopher and John.
Tuesday 4th 33 Ezekiel 33. 1-20 Jean-Baptiste Vianney, curé d’Ars, spiritual guide, 1959Spiritual counsellors.
Wednesday 5th 119. 33-56 Ezekiel 33. 21-end Oswald, king, martyr, 642The Royal Family.
Thursday 6th 97 Luke 9. 28-36 Transfiguration of Our Lord Victims of nuclear war and radiation sickness.
Friday 7th 35 Ezekiel 34. 17-end John Mason Neale, priest, hymn writer, 1866Church Musicians.
Saturday 8th 46 Ezekiel 36. 16-36 Dominic, priest, founder of the Order of Preachers, 1221Readers Tony, Lorraine, Trefor and Stephen.
Sunday 9th 105. 1-6, 16-22, 45b Matthew 14. 22-33 9th Sunday after Trinity Returning congregations.
Monday 10th 47 Ezekiel 37. 1-14 Laurence, deacon, martyr, 258Newly appointed clergy.
Tuesday 11th 50 Ezekiel 37. 15-end Clare of Assisi, founder of the Poor Clares, 1253John Henry Newman, priest, 1890Local Roman Catholic congregations and clergy.
Wednesday 12th 59 Ezekiel 39. 21-end Those fearing redundancy and being made redundant.
Thursday 13th 62 Ezekiel 43. 1-12 Jeremy Taylor, bishop, teacher of the faith, 1667Florence Nightingale, nurse, social reformer, 1910Octavia Hill, social reformer, 1912NHS workers.
Friday 14th 38 Ezekiel 44. 4-16 Maximilian Kolbe, friar, martyr, 1941Members of religious orders.
Saturday 15th 45. 10-end Luke 1. 46-55 The Blessed Virgin Mary St Mary’s congregation.
Sunday 16th 133 Matthew 15. 21-28 10th Sunday after Trinity Food Banks.
Monday 17th 72 Proverbs 1. 1-19 Coventry East Deanery The Revd Buff Forbes Stone, Area Dean.
Tuesday 18th 74 Proverbs 1. 20-end MP Colleen Fletcher.
Wednesday 19th 2 Proverbs 2 Local businesses facing financial hardship.
Thursday 20th 78. 40-end Proverbs 3. 1-26 Bernard, abbot, teacher of the faith, 1153 William and Catherine Booth, founders of the Salvation Army, 1912The homeless.
Friday 21st 69 Proverbs 3. 27—4.19 The Arts industry.
Saturday 22nd 84 Proverbs 6. 1-19 Persecuted minorities worldwide.
Sunday 23rd 124 Matthew 16. 13-20 11th Sunday after Trinity Baptism families rearranging baptismal services.
Monday 24th 145. 1-7 Luke 22. 24-30 Bartholomew the Apostle St Bartholomew’s Binley Jon Taylor.
Tuesday 25th 89. 19-end Proverbs 8. 22-end Local Councillors.
Wednesday 26th 91 Proverbs 9 Staff at Coventry Diocesan Office  Ruth Marlow, Diocesan Secretary.
Thursday 27th 94 Proverbs 10. 1-12 Monica, mother of Augustine of Hippo, 387Countries fighting Covid19 infections.
Friday 28th 102 Proverbs 11. 1-12 Augustine, bishop, teacher of the faith, 430Archbishops Justin and Stephen.
Saturday 29th 104 Proverbs 12. 10-end Beheading of John the Baptist The mentally ill and Mental Health services.
Sunday 30th 105. 1-6, 23-26, 45b Matthew 16. 21-end 12th Sunday after Trinity Malcolm and Dmitry.
Monday 31st 103 Proverbs 14. 31—15.17 Aidan, bishop, missionary, 651Friendship Groups unable to meet.