St. Mary's Church

St Mary's prayer diary....


Monday 1st.    Remigus, bishop, 533Anthony Ashley Cooper (Earl of Shaftesbury), social reformer, 1885 Social workers

Tuesday 2nd.    Walsgrave School Harvest services

Wednesday 3rd.    George Bell, bishop, ecumenist, peacemaker, 1958 Walsgrave Baptist Church.Amy & Dave Barker

Thursday 4th.  Francis of Assisi, friar, deacon, 1226Local vets 

Friday 5th.  Local police officers

Saturday 6th.  William Tyndale, translator, martyr, 1536 Kate Arthur and John Selby married today

Sunday 7th.  19th Sunday after Trinity St Mary’s Clergy:Malcolm, Claire and Owen

Monday 8th.  Coventry East Deanery:Pam Howell

Tuesday 9th.  Denys, bishop, and companions, martyrs, c.250Robert Grosseteste, bishop, philosopher, scientist, 1253University Students in Coventry

Wednesday 10th.  Paulinus, bishop, missionary, 644Thomas Traherne, poet, spiritual writer, 1674 Liturgical reformers

Thursday 11th.  Ethelburga, abbess, 675James the Deacon, companion of Paulinus, 7th cent. Friends and neighbours

Friday 12th.  Wilfrid, bishop, missionary, 709Elizabeth Fry, prison reformer, 1845Edith Cavell, nurse, 1915Prison chaplains and all prisoners

Saturday 13th.  Edward the Confessor, king, 1066The Royal Family

Sunday 14th.  20th Sunday after TrinitySt Mary’s Readers:Tony, Sue, Lorraine, Trefor and Stephen

Monday 15th.  Teresa of Avila, teacher of the faith, 1582 Theological colleges and courses; staff and students

Tuesday 16th.  Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer, bishops, martyrs, 1555 Those persecuted for their faith especially in foreign lands.

Wednesday 17th.  Ignatius, bishop, martyr, c.107 Deanery Treasurers Meeting

Thursday 18th.  Luke the Evangelist  UHCW, staff and patients

Friday 19th.  Henry Martyn, translator, missionary, 1812 Mission organisations, including United Society

Saturday 20th.  Autumn Fayre

Sunday 21st.  21st Sunday after TrinityReaders and Intercessors at St Mary’s

Monday 22nd.  Postal workers

Tuesday 23rd.  Verger:Gary Croshaw

Wednesday 24th.  Health care workers

Thursday 25th.  Crispin and Crispinian, martyrs, c.287Bishops Christopher and John

Friday 26th.  Alfred, king, scholar, 899Cedd, abbot, bishop, 664 Walsgrave Academy; staff, pupils and governors.

Saturday 27th.  Church musicians

Sunday 28th.  Simon and Jude, ApostlesSue and Morris archdeacons

Monday 29th.  Coventry Cathedral: staff and visitors

Tuesday 30th.  Butterflies Toddler Group

Wednesday 31st.  Martin Luther, reformer, 1546Junior Church