St. Mary's Church


Friday 29th22Leviticus 16. 2-14Flower arrangers (Val Ekin)

Saturday 30th24Leviticus 17District Nurses

Sunday 31st24. 1-6John 11. 32-44All Saints’ Sunday The Lonely


Monday 1st Psalm 33. 1-5 Matthew 5. 1-12 All Saints’ Day Give thanks for the heroes and heroines of faith
Tuesday 2nd 100 Daniel 2. 1-24 Commemoration of the Faithful Departed (All Souls’ Day)Those who have died this past year.
Wednesday 3rd 112 Daniel 2. 25-end Richard Hooker, priest, teacher of the faith, 1600Martin of Porres, friar, 1639 Staff at Diocesan Offices
Thursday 4th 118 Daniel 3. 1-18 UHCW patients and staff
Friday 5th 143 Daniel 3. 19-end MP Colleen Fletcher
Saturday 6th 145 Daniel 4. 1-18 Leonard, hermit, 6th cent.William Temple, archbishop, teacher of the faith, 1944 Justin & Stephen, archbishops
Sunday 7th 62. 5-end Mark 1. 14-20 3rd Sunday before Advent Junior Church Leaders
Monday 8th 34 Daniel 4. 19-end Saints and martyrs of England Walsgrave Academy
Tuesday 9th 40 Daniel 5. 1-12 Margery Kempe, mystic, c.1440Spiritual guides
Wednesday 10th 37 Daniel 5. 13-end Leo the Great, bishop, teacher of the faith, 461GP surgeries
Thursday 11th 43 Daniel 6 Martin, bishop, c.397Christopher & John, bishops
Friday 12th 31 Daniel 7. 1-14 Local Councillors, Kevin Maton, Ed Ruane, Pat Seaman
Saturday 13th 86 Daniel 7. 15-end Charles Simeon, priest, evangelical divine, 1836Walsgrave Baptist Church: Dave & Amy Barker
Sunday 14th 16 Mark 13. 1-8 2nd Sunday before Advent Remembrance Sunday Victims of armed conflict
Monday 15th 71 Daniel 8. 1-14 Confirmation candidates, confirmed this evening
Tuesday 16th 67 Daniel 8. 15-end Margaret, queen, philanthropist, 1093Edmund Rich, archbishop, 1240 The Royal Family
Wednesday 17th 73 Daniel 9. 1-19 Hugh, bishop, 1200Whittle Academy
Thursday 18th 76 Daniel 9. 20-end Elizabeth, princess, philanthropist, 1231Local police officers
Friday 19th 77 Daniel 10. 1—11.1 Hilda, abbess, 680Mechtild, beguine, mystic, 1280St Mary’s congregation
Saturday 20th 78. 1-40 Daniel 12 Edmund, king, martyr, 870Priscilla Lydia Sellon, a restorer of the religious life in the Church of England, 1876Verger Gary Croshaw
Sunday 21st 96 John 18. 33-37 Christ the King Sunday next before Advent Malcolm’s final service
Monday 22nd 80 Isaiah 40. 1-11 Cecilia, martyr, c.230Barbara, John and PCC
Tuesday 23rd 101 Isaiah 40. 12-26 Clement, bishop, martyr, c.100Sue Williams, Secretary
Wednesday 24th 122 Isaiah 40. 27—41.7 Readers and Intercessors at St Mary’s
Thursday 25th 133 Isaiah 41. 8-20 Catherine, martyr, 4th cent. Isaac Watts, hymn writer, 1748Church musicians
Friday 26th 146 Isaiah 41. 21—42.9 Readers: Tony, Lorraine and Stephen
Saturday 27th 150 Isaiah 42. 10-17 Archdeacons Sue and Barry
Sunday 28th 9 Luke 21. 25-36 Advent Sunday Coventry East Deanery: Buff Forbes Stone, Area Dean
Monday 29th 71 Isaiah 42. 18-end Local clergy covering at St Mary’s
Tuesday 30th 87 Matthew 4. 18-22 Andrew the Apostle. Mission societies