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Eighth Sunday after Trinity

Eighth Sunday after Trinity

4 Aug 2022 • General news

Isaiah 1. 1, 10-20

1The vision of Isaiah son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

10Hear the word of the LORD, you rulers of Sodom!
Listen to the teaching of our God, you people of Gomorrah!
11What to me is the multitude of your sacrifices? says the LORD;
I have had enough of burnt-offerings of rams and the fat of fed beasts;
I do not delight in the blood of bulls, or of lambs, or of goats.

12When you come to appear before me, who asked this from your hand?
Trample my courts no more; 13bringing offerings is futile;
incense is an abomination to me.
New moon and sabbath and calling of convocation –
I cannot endure solemn assemblies with iniquity.
14Your new moons and your appointed festivals my soul hates;
they have become a burden to me, I am weary of bearing them.
15When you stretch out your hands, I will hide my eyes from you;
even though you make many prayers, I will not listen;
your hands are full of blood.
16Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your doings
from before my eyes; cease to do evil, 17learn to do good;
seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.

18Come now, let us argue it out, says the LORD:
though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be like snow;
though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.
19If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land;
20but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword;
for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.

Hebrews 11. 1-3, 8-16

1Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. 2Indeed, by faith our ancestors received approval. 3By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was made from things that are not visible.

8By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to set out for a place that he was to receive as an inheritance; and he set out, not knowing where he was going. 9By faith he stayed for a time in the land he had been promised, as in a foreign land, living in tents, as did Isaac and Jacob, who were heirs with him of the same promise. 10For he looked forward to the city that has foundations, whose architect and builder is God. 11By faith he received power of procreation, even though he was too old – and Sarah herself was barren – because he considered him faithful who had promised. 12Therefore from one person, and this one as good as dead, descendants were born, ‘as many as the stars of heaven and as the innumerable grains of sand by the seashore.’

13All of these died in faith without having received the promises, but from a distance they saw and greeted them. They confessed that they were strangers and foreigners on the earth, 14for people who speak in this way make it clear that they are seeking a homeland. 15If they had been thinking of the land that they had left behind, they would have had opportunity to return. 16But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; indeed, he has prepared a city for them.

Luke 12. 32-40

32‘Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. 33Sell your possessions, and give alms. Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. 34For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

35‘Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit; 36be like those who are waiting for their master to return from the wedding banquet, so that they may open the door for him as soon as he comes and knocks. 37Blessed are those slaves whom the master finds alert when he comes; truly I tell you, he will fasten his belt and have them sit down to eat, and he will come and serve them. 38If he comes during the middle of the night, or near dawn, and finds them so, blessed are those slaves.

39‘But know this: if the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. 40You also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.’

Those people We Know to Be Sick or in Need of our Prayers

Iain Rees     

Ken Fisher

Ron Abbott

Eden Brown

David Wall

Eileen Bees

Margaret Davoll

Val Ekin

Edna Robinson

Ken Sharman

Mark Baker


As many of you will know from the announcement last week, our new vicar will be joining us in the autumn, on a date yet to be decided, along with his wife Debbie and two young sons. He is currently on holiday but asked me to pass on his thanks for all the prayers and work that people have been doing over the period of the vacancy. There is a photograph on our Facebook page and a couple of copies on the noticeboards in the church centre.

Coffee Club

Coffee Club is now up and running and meets next Wednesday 17th August at 10.30 am following the morning service. Cost will be £1 for tea/coffee and biscuits (maybe cake occasionally). Sue Williams will set up and get everything ready, but then help will be needed to serve the drinks, wash up and clear away afterwards. Thank you.

Memory Walk

Sue Williams, parish secretary is taking part in a “Memory Walk” on October 9th in aid of the Alzheimer’s Association. She is doing this in memory of her mother-in-law who had Dementia and also for her mum who is living with Dementia. If you would like to donate/sponsor her you can do so. You can do this by going to her just Giving page, or by filling in the form on the noticeboard. Your support would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Bishop’s Certificate in Discipleship and Mission (BDCM)

There are 3 courses happening in person this Autumn which people are able to sign up for;

Loving Difficult People - Revd Sheila Bridge

Wednesdays from 14.9.22 – 12.10.22 – 7-9.30

St Matthew’s, Salford Priors WR11 8UX

Mission Shaped God - Revd Rob Harrison

Tuesdays 6.9.22-4.10.22 – 7-9.30

St John’s Kenilworth CV8 1HY

John’s Gospel -

Revd Jon Taylor

Mondays from 12.9.22-10.10.22 – 7-9.30

St Bart’s Church Hall Binley CV3 2DT

Loving Difficult People

This module is for anyone who has every struggled with a difficult person in their life. The module will look at scripture as well help you learn practical skills. The module aims to help us manage difficult relationships and learn to love needy or hostile people without being overwhelmed ourselves. There will also be space for self-reflection.

Mission Shaped God

This is a ‘why-to’ rather than ‘how-to’ module about mission, which will help you to understand what God is doing in the world and how you can join in. We’ll look at the ‘five marks of mission’ and find that, though evangelism is an essential and important part of mission, it’s not the whole story…

John’s Gospel

Take a deeper look at the life of John the apostle in his context. Explore his unique representation of Jesus as God and reflect on our responsibility as Christians today.

To find further information and to enrol on the course then please use these links which you can find on the St Mary’s website.

Loving Difficult People


Mission-Shaped God


John’s Gospel