St. Mary's Church

Newsletter 20.10.19

Newsletter 20.10.19

17 Oct 2019 • General news

Collect:   God, our judge and saviour, teach us to be open to your truth and to trust in your love, that we may live each day with confidence in the salvation which is given through Jesus Christ our lord.

First Reading:     Jeremiah 31. 27-34     Isaac Selvamoni

Second Reading:     2 Timothy 3. 14-4.5     Val Ekin

Gospel:     Luke 18. 1-8     Abraham Kurien

Intercessor:     Sue Morton

Hymns:     628     355     445     174     454

Post Communion Prayer:   We praise and thank you, O Christ, for this sacred feast: for here we receive you, here the memory of your passion is renewed, here our minds are filled with grace, and here a pledge of future glory is given, when we shall feast at that table where you reign with all your saints for ever.

This week beginning 20th October 2019

This Sunday   8 am   Holy Communion

10am   Parish Communion

4 pm   Young peoples confirmation group

6.30 pm   Evening Prayer

Monday   9 am   Morning Prayer

7 pm   Parish Office

Wednesday 10 am   Holy Communion

10.45 am   Bible Study Group

Thursday   9 am   Morning Prayer

10-12 noon   Friendship Group

12.15pm   Luncheon Club

Saturday   9.30 am   Morning Prayer

8am   Holy Communion

10 am   Parish Communion

4 pm   Young peoples confirmation group

6.30 pm   Evening Prayer

Welcome Rota

A new rota is shortly being drawn up and it would be good to have some additional people involved. If there are sufficient numbers it is a duty every 2 months and you would work in pairs welcoming and giving books to the congregation. You could also be involved in taking the collection if you wished to. If you would like to join the team or find out more, please have a word with Barbara Hancox or Malcolm

Bible Study Group

The Wednesday Bible Study group will meet again on Wednesday 23rd October at 10.45am.We are using a course produced by the Bible Society looking at the whole of the Bible. In brief it looks at the whole story of the Bible.

Children’s Society Boxes

Audrey Curtis has asked me to remind people with Children Society boxes that she needs to collect them in over the next few weeks. Could you please remember to bring them to church the next time you come. Thank you.

Coffee Club

Coffee Club will meet again on Wed 30th October.Price£1.Tea or Coffee. All welcome. Come along and you might even get cake from time to time!

Friendship Club

Meet in the church centre twice monthly. (on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month).They meet from 10-12 noon and all are welcome. They next meet on Thursday 24th October 2019.

St Mary’s Luncheon Club

Do come along to St Mary’s Luncheon Club at 12 noon. For £4 you will receive an excellent meal. The next meal will be on Thurs 24th October. All welcome. Please let Malcolm know.

Young persons Confirmation Group

After much trying to find a convenient time for a young peoples confirmation group there was no day easy for everyone during the week. Therefore we shall try to do this on a Sunday afternoon between 4 pm and 4.45 pm. The first session will be this afternoon (Sunday 20th October.)

Autumn Fayre

Over the past several weeks, we have advertised in the newsletter for a volunteer to co-ordinate an autumn fayre for us. As no-one has offered to take on this role, this year PCC have made the decision not to hold an autumn fayre this year. Given that this means our income is likely to be over £1000 less than might have been expected we are looking to find ways to lessen such a shortfall and hope we may be able to organise maybe 3 smaller events during the coming year which could attract both church members and others and be methods of raising money. If you have any ideas, which might be attractive and/or would be happy to organise a single event please speak to Malcolm or the churchwardens.

September Tote

1st Prize   No. 43   S. Wick   £17.50

2nd Prize   No. 3   A Curtis   £6.00

Free Cultural Evening - Walsgrave Baptist Church

Free Cultural Evening, Saturday 2nd November, 6.30 pm. Walsgrave Baptist Church invite you, your family and friends to an evening of food and performances from a variety of cultures. Bring and share meal. Please bring a traditional cold dish of your choice (sufficient for two or three people).You are also encouraged to wear traditional dress.