St. Mary's Church

Messenger Dec/Jan/Feb

Coffee Club - meetings in Dec, Jan & Feb are

as follows:12th December

9th & 23rd January

6th & 20th February

10.45 am. Price £1.Tea, Coffee, biscuits.

All welcome.

Walsgrave Friendship Group-

meetings in Dec, Jan & Feb are as follows:

13th December

10th & 24th January

14th & 28th February

10 – 12 noon on 2nd and 4th Thurs of each month.

St Mary’s Luncheon Club

Follows the Walsgrave Friendship Group on the dates above. 12.15 pm.£4.Speak to Claire for more details.

Wednesday morning Bible Study Group

16th & 30th January

13th & 27th February

10.45 am. All welcome

Friday Prayer Group

Alternate Fridays from 10.30-11.30am, plus coffee time. Dates as follows:

Dec 14th

Jan 11th & 25th

Feb 8th & 22nd

See Tony Thistlewood for more information

CREW (Creative, Ready, Equipped & Willing)

- a children’s activity and worship group.

Join us to get creative @ C.R.E.W.

Saturday 15th December

Saturday 9th February

10.45 -12 noon. Craft, worship and food.

Junior Church:

Every Sunday during 10am service apart from when Creative Communion takes place.

Creche (under 4’s), Splash (4-8’s), Combined Extreme/Grid (8+’s)

Christmas Services

Sun 23rd Dec - Parish Communion

with Nativity.

Christmas Eve - Christingle -3pm

Carols & Communion –7pm

Christmas Day-Communion 8am & 10am

PCC Meetings:

Tuesday 19th February – 7.30 pm

Members of PCC are as follows:

Barbara Hancox-Churchwarden

John Aspden-Churchwarden

Lorraine Baker-Deanery Synod

Nickie Harwood-Deanery Synod

Gary Croshaw-Deanery Synod

Tony Thistlewood-Reader

Coral Carson      Mervyn Hancox

Val EkinMo    Hearne Wilson

Nathan Lewis


16th Dec-Blake Peter Binning

10th Feb-Braydon James Wood

Useful contacts

Who’s who at St. Mary’s

Clergy:  Revd. M. Tyler   7661 8845

Curate:  Revd. C. McArthur0  7532 260027

Wardens:  Mrs B. Hancox, Mr J. Aspden

Verger:  Mr G. Croshaw

Organist:  Mr C. Gardner

Brownies: Lin Marley

Guides:  Hazel Turner  07909 600899

Beavers:  Alison Liggins  07873 266256

Cubs:  Gemma Liggins  7645 6011

Scouts:  David Rhodes

Butterflies:  Janet Asbridge  07977 523156

Quiz Night  Val Ekin  7661 0263

St. Mary’s Church of England Academy

St. Mary’s Church Office

Sue Williams   Tel: 7661 8845

Office Hours:  Mon – Thurs9.30 – 12.30 pm

Car Parking

Parking at the Red Lion is permitted on Sunday and Wednesday mornings, though a pass with your registration number is needed.Please speak to Sue in the office.

At weddings and funerals we ask the council not to send parking attendants, so parking on the streets is acceptable.


Jesus was born in Bethlehem,

Born with no money or no fame.

We know wise men came to bring their gifts,

Peace was felt when they heard his name.

Angels watched over him,

Their voices fell softly in his ear.

His parents Mary and Joseph,

rejoiced for the greatest gift of their Son so dear.

As we know his life upon earth,

wouldn’t be grand, yet encounter strife.

But everyone knew he would be a loving child

and teach the love of God throughout his life.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

Let’s keep in mind the truth about Christmas Day.

For its not all turkey and Christmas gifts,

Give your gift of love to others in every way.

Carole Osselton 16.11.18