St. Mary's Church

Messenger:  Sept/oct/Nov 2019

Regular Events

Sunday Services

8am Holy Communion

10am Parish Communion & Junior Church.

6.30 pm Evening Prayer


9am Morning Prayer

7 pm Parish Office (Wedding and

Baptism enquiries)

6.30pm Cubs (Walsgrave School)


9am Morning prayer

1.30 pm Butterflies (Carer & Toddler Group)(Church Centre)


10 am Holy Communion


9am Morning Prayer

5.45 pm Brownies (Church)

10-12 noon Friendship Club

(2nd & 4th Thursday of each month)

12.30 pm Luncheon Club (2nd & 4th Thursdays)

6.30 pm Beavers (Walsgrave school)

7.15 pm Guides (Church)


7.45 pm Scouts (Walsgrave School)


9.03am Morning Prayer

For your Diary

Coffee Club - meetings in Sept, Oct, Nov are

as follows:4th & 18th Sept

3rd, 16th & 30th Oct

13th & 27th Nov

10.45 am. Price £1.Tea, Coffee, biscuits.

All welcome.

Walsgrave Friendship Group-

meetings in Sept, Oct & Nov are as follows:

12th & 26th Sep

10th & 24th Oct

14th & 28th Nov

10 – 12 noon on 2nd and 4th Thurs of each month.

St Mary’s Luncheon Club

Follows the Walsgrave Friendship Group on the dates above. 12.15 pm.£4.Speak to Malcolm for more details.

Wednesday morning Bible Study Group 10.45am

11th & 25th Sept

9th & 23rd Oct

6th & 20th Nov

Friday Prayer Group

Alternate Fridays from 10.30-11.30am, plus coffee time. Dates as follows:

20th Sept

4th & 18th Oct

1st, 15th & 29th Nov

This will be the last one before the summer break.

See Tony Thistlewood for more information

CREW (Creative, Ready, Equipped & Willing)

- a children’s activity and worship group.

Join us to get creative @ C.R.E.W.

Saturday 21st Sept

10.45 -12 noon. Craft, worship and food.

Junior Church:

Every Sunday during 10am service apart from when Creative Communion takes place.

Creche (under 4’s), (4-8’s), (8-11’s) and (over 12’s).

PCC Meetings:

Tuesday 24th Sept - 7.30 pm

Tuesday 19th Nov – 7.30 pm

Quiz Night

Friday 27th September – 7pm

£1.50 per person

Bring your own drinks

Members of PCC are as follows:

Barbara Hancox       John Aspden

Lorraine Baker     Nickie Harwood

Gary Croshaw     Tony Thistlewood

Coral Carson     Mervyn Hancox

Val Ekin     Mo Hearne Wilson

Nathan Lewis


15th Sept-Rhylee Jones

Joshua Garbett

22nd Sept- Alice Bates-Morris

27th Oct-Harrison Dakin

24th Nov-Jonathon Andrews

Why Intercede?  Part 1

Over a period of a year everyone in the parish is prayed for. The Lady Chapel Prayer Diary keeps a record of everyone’s name as well as keeping an up-to-date list of those in any kind of prayer need.

Can we know why this works?

Research in America in the 1990’s showed that 43% of doctors pray for their patients. That might surprise people who see doctors as purely scientists. Some other research showed that individuals who participate in organised religion are physically healthier and live longer, (lower blood pressure, lower rates of depression, etc).Clearly religion on the one hand provides social support and a sense of belonging..

The effects of prayer are harder to explain admittedly but scientific studies have identified the influence of prayer-like consciousness which is more than just the power of positive thinking. The human mind is more complex than we imagined. It has been claimed that human emotion can affect the patterning of DNA. We know our bodies produce electo-magnetic energy and a lot of research has been done into the possible synchronisation of energy levels between non-interacting individuals.

When prayer can be shown to heal skin wounds at a greater rate and inhibit the growth of cancer cells, we need to take such evidence seriously.

In a second article, I’ll consider how we can be more involved with intercession and how praying from a distance might work.Tony Thistlewood