St. Mary's Church

Messenger Jul/Aug/Sept

Dates For your Diary

Coffee Club - meetings in Aug, Sept, Oct are as follows:

8 th & 22nd August

5 th & 19th September

3 rd, 17th & 31st October

10.45 am. Price £1.Tea, Coffee, biscuits.

All welcome.

Walsgrave Friendship Group-

meetings in Aug, Sept, Oct are as follows:

9 th& 23rd August

13 th & 27th September

11 th & 25th October

10 – 12 noon on 2 nd and 4th Thurs of each month.

St Mary’s Luncheon Club

Follows the Walsgrave Friendship Group on the dates above. 12.15 pm. £4. Speak to Claire for more details.

Wednesday morning Bible Study Group

12 th & 26th September

10 th & 24th October

10.45 am. All welcome

CREW (Creative, Ready, Equipped & Willing)

- a children’s activity and worship group.

Join us to get creative @ C.R.E.W.

Dates for next term are

15th September.
17th November

10.45 -12 noon.Craft, worship and food.

Junior Church:

Every Sunday during 10am service apart from when Creative Communion takes place.

Creche (under 4’s), Splash (4-8’s), Combined Extreme/Grid (8+’s)

Creative Communion:

October 7 th - Harvest

PCC Meetings:

Tuesday11 th September – 7.30 pm

Autumn Fayre

Saturday 20 th October

Barbara and Colin Gardner

Colin and I grew up in Northampton attending a Baptist Church, being baptised as believers by total immersion in our teens.Colin moved to Coventry with his work and was soon involved with Meredith Road Baptist Church before moving to Walsgrave. I left Northampton for Teacher Training and moving around the North of England, always finding a local Baptist Church where I became involved, usually in the Sunday School (!!) and also with the Bible Study Groups.

Each Baptist Church is autonomous so regular meetings to discuss the business of finance, fabric, worship and outreach are held. The Minister presides and along with the elected Diaconate, share the vision that God has given him/her with the members. An AGM is also held.

The service of Worship does not follow a liturgy as it is “Worked out” week by week or through a series. The Sermon is the focal point, rather than the Eucharist (A good discussion topic here!)

We are learning to appreciate both forms of worship but still exploring and learning, hopefully with you all.

Colin has played the organ for 70 years, firstly at Walsgrave Baptist Church, shadowing Reg Amos, and after Reg left, organist there for 12 years and this was followed by being organist at Queens Road Baptist Church for 15 years.

Barbara is part of the Pastoral Care Team, and Sacristan, and assists in the weekly Readings and Chalice Rota.

Moving to St. Mary’s in 2008 (on a temporary basis as Reg Amos was unwell) was not an easy decision as we had to learn the Anglican way of doing/being Church.

We feel the words of our hymns assist to deepen our faith as well as from daily Bible readings and learning together through the Bible Study is an invaluable time.