St. Mary's Church


The church of St.Mary the Virgin, Walsgrave, Coventry stands as a testament to the village of Sowe and the Walsgrave of today. Its beginnings laid down in the the roots of time, this building has stood as a witness to a world that is forever changing.

Its interior may now look modern by many churches standards but it hides many reminders of it's medieval past. The fletchers marks, where the villagers of medieval Sowe sharpened their arrows to practice the art of archery by order of the King, the piscina, where a medieval priest once washed the sacred objects after mass, these are but a few mementoes of the buildings long and varied history.

Here are many reminders of the ancient roots from which the church of St. Mary grew.

(History information courtesy of David McGrory and the Walsgrave History Society)

Potted History

Previous Vicars

The Sowe Chapel

Present Day Building

The Chancel

The Tower

The North Aisle

The Church Inventory 1551

Dales Church

The Age of Reason

The new Era (19th Century)

Arrowsmith's Restoration

The 20th Century

St Mary's Bells

Parish Records

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