St. Mary's Church

St Mary’s, Walsgrave Coventry Declaration of Data retention


In this document the PCC of St Mary’s Walsgrave outline the personal data retention policy implemented for the procurement of personal data specifically related to St Mary’smembers or affiliates who have specifically consented to their personal data being held.

No personal data will be held by St Mary’s PCC without your written consent – see below.

The personal data held

Full Name


Telephone Numbers

Date of Birth

Email Address

Emergency contact numbers (if applicable)

People within the church who hold or are likely to access your data



Electoral Officer


Baptism Group

Wedding Preparation Group

Pastoral Group

Sunday school and Youth workers

DBS co-ordinator

Safe Guarding Officer

Gift Aid Coordinator

How the data is held

Printed and electronic forms, held securely and accessed by above group controllers as named above.

Data is only held for the primary business of the church and is not passed onto any third parties.

For more details on how we process your data and your personal rights

Please see our Data Privacy Notice

To give consent to your data being held by St Mary’s PPC

You will be asked to read and sign the ‘Consent’ document, please see contact our Parish Administrator for a copy of this